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Reader Statistics


In 2014, we conducted a survey of nearly 1,400 diaTribe readers to better understand how our work is impacting their lives. According to the results:

How has diaTribe helped our readers?

  • 95% learn more about diabetes product and research news
  • 80% are better informed in discussions with their doctor or diabetes educator
  • 79% understand their diabetes better
  • 68% improve their confidence in managing diabetes
  • 56% improve their quality of life
  • 57% ask their doctor or diabetes educator about a new diabetes drug or device
  • 48% spend more time in their target glucose range
  • 39% improve their A1c

diaTribe has also:

  • Helped 60% of readers maintain a positive mindset
  • Represented 49% of readers’ needs as a patient
  • Empowered 41% of readers to deal with diabetes

Why do our readers read diaTribe?

  • 82% read diaTribe for up-to-date information
  • 76% read diaTribe for product reviews
  • 70% read diaTribe for a resource on drug and device treatment
  • 69% read diaTribe for opinions on drugs, devices, and issues
  • 64% read diaTribe for an additional source of information beyond their healthcare provider
  • 62% read diaTribe for tips on managing diabetes better
  • 48% read diaTribe for unbiased content
  • 44% read diaTribe for an industry perspective
  • 43% read diaTribe for opinions of influential professionals
  • 35% read diaTribe for personal stories

What is the diaTribe community?

  • 42% of readers feel they have a place where their emotions as someone with diabetes are understood
  • 49% of readers feel like they are in a judgment-free zone
  • 66% of readers feel like they are not alone
  • 73% of readers feel like they are not part of a diabetes community

Readers praise diaTribe for giving them the resources to have effective appointments with their HCPs – knowledge about all drugs and devices available to them and language/questions to use to drive the appointment actively rather than to sit passively.

Readers say that they share diaTribe articles with their families and friends when they have a tough time explaining certain topics. In addition, they praise talking points the newsletter gives them that can be raised, giving friends and family a newfound appreciation for everything a person with diabetes must do.

How You Can Join Us

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