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Our Advocacy


We want to help people make sense of diabetes.

We want to make the lives of people with diabetes healthier and easier.

We want society to wake up to this epidemic and to get serious about tackling it. 14% of US adults have diabetes, 38% of US seniors have it, and 83% of US seniors have diabetes or prediabetes. The global numbers are staggering, as an estimated 415 million people around the world have diabetes.

Are you also upset with the status quo? Join the diaTribe.

This largely preventable disease, for type 2 diabetes, is causing not just a health and quality of life crisis, but also an economic crisis. Diabetes costs the US nearly $200 billion per year in direct healthcare spending. In fact, it was estimated in 2012 that nearly 1 in 5 healthcare dollars goes to diabetes. Despite the massive amounts of financial resources being directed toward diabetes care, people with diabetes still aren’t doing better overall. One of the main reasons that diabetes costs are so high is that people are so frequently hospitalized for diabetes-related complications.

The diaTribe Foundation is committed to digging into the issues, identifying the stakeholders, and initiating change. There is no one single solution to the diabetes epidemic; rather, we need an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to reverse these trends.

We speak regularly to the FDA and are dedicated to bringing patients to the conversation on regulatory issues; one example of this was the FDA- patient dialogue we organized in November 2014, in honor of National Diabetes Month. 

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