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dSeries Executive Innovation Labs


dSeries Executive Innovation Labs

The diaTribe Foundation advocates for a holistically designed, ecosystem-level approach that aims to identify root causes of the diabetes epidemic and create innovative solutions that address them on a systemic level. At the dSeries Executive Innovation Labs - d16, d17, d18, & d19 - groups of experts examined the root causes of the diabetes epidemic across key fields, identified patterns across the board, and then ideated new solutions that could be scalable, investable, and impactful.

The dSeries Executive Innovation Labs represent a new way of thinking in diabetes that aims to significantly alter the way the diabetes community works together. By innovating solutions that address the underlying causes of diabetes across all parts of the ecosystem, dSeries participants break down the silos that have long stunted progress in diabetes. The result is the potential for a greater return on investment for stakeholders and the improved health of our communities.

Together, we are working to transform the dialogue and action regarding type 2 diabetes.

d19 Executive Innovation Lab

2019 was a pivotal year for the dSeries. Building on the work we did with leaders at prior events, we worked with experts and critical players in the field to develop a diabetes ecosystem map to prioritize key levers for changing the status quo. In addition, we launched a cross-sector steering committee to drive the direction of the dSeries as a hub for learning and impact on the diabetes epidemic. At d19, we shared and refined results from both of these processes, learning together about promising new trends such as Food As Medicine, and catalyzing action in key impact areas.

d19 was held in San Francisco, California from June 4-6.

To learn more about d19, please visit the following links, or read more below: 

d18 Executive Innovation Lab

The d18 Executive Innovation Lab took place on June 19-June 21 in Aspen, Colorado. Through workshop and discussion, participants dove into systems thinking and scenario planning as tools for deliberately and collectively tackling the diabetes epidemic. We also formally launched the Anthology of Bright Spots at d18, a publication which showcases prevention programs, workplace wellness initiatives, and innovative healthcare teams of the future that have significantly improved outcomes related to diabetes.

To learn more about d18, please visit the following links, or read more below: 

d16 Executive Innovation Lab

The d16 Executive Innovation Lab took place on January 14-15, 2016, in Palo Alto, California. Through productive, interactive workshops and discussion, participants explored how design thinking can help us tackle diabetes from a systems approach and increase engagement at the intersection of healthcare and technology.

To learn more about d16, please visit the following links, or read more below: 

d17 Executive Innovation Lab

The d17 Executive Innovation Lab took place on September 27-29, in San Francisco, California. At this gathering, participants generated innovative solutions to the most pressing problems in diabetes, building on key investible, scalable, and impactful ideas showcased in the d16 Consensus of Ideas.

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