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Apple Stores to Sell One Drop Chrome Blood Glucose Meters

Updated: 8/14/21 1:00 amPublished: 7/12/19

By Sabrina Lin and Jamie Kurtzig

Includes one year of unlimited coaching in the One Drop app

One Drop Chrome, a Bluetooth-enabled blood glucose meter (BGM) that can send data to the One Drop App on iPhone or Android, is now available at select Apple Stores in the United States. When purchased in stores, the meter is $69.95 and includes one year of unlimited diabetes coaching via One Drop’s mobile app.

The One Drop app, free to download on iPhone and Android devices, allows users to monitor blood glucose, activity, food, and medication. Some users with type 2 diabetes can get blood glucose forecasts (BG is expected to be high in the next four hours), along with recommendations (e.g., a walk could bring BG back into range). One Drop is compatible with Apple Health (iPhone), Google Fit (Android), and many devices (Fitbit, Apple Watch, etc.).

One Drop continues to offer its BGM for online purchase, also at $69.95, but without complimentary coaching. One Drop offers various subscription offerings, depending on how many strips users need: 100 strips every three months runs about $25 per month, while unlimited strips run about $60 per month. These are direct-to-consumer offerings, meaning they don’t require a prescription or insurance.

Learn more about One Drop here.

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