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diaTribe Writer Brian Good
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Brian Good

Brian Good is an editor and writer with more than 25 years experience covering the health, wellness, advocacy and pop culture arenas. He has worked for some of the country’s most popular men’s magazine brands including Men’s Journal, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health and Muscle and Fitness magazine. He’s also written extensively for the web including sites like diaTribe, Fair365, Mashed, Health Digest, Food Republic, The Edge and more. He is also a previous winner of the American Society of Magazine Editors’ National Magazine Award for Service Journalism.

Based just outside New York City where he lives with his partner and three cats, he’s an avid outdoorsman, music lover, and supporter of progressive politics. He is a person who has lived with type 1 diabetes his whole life.

“My goal,” he says, “whether I’m writing about health and wellness, nutrition, or any other issue I cover is to try and make even a small difference – and improvement – in somebody else’s life. Hopefully if we all do the same, those changes can add up over time and lead to a healthier, happier, and better world as a whole for all of us."