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Headshot of Natalie Sainz
Former Associate

Natalie Sainz

Natalie Sainz joined the diaTribe Foundation in 2021 after graduating from Carleton College with a degree in Political Science and International Relations. As an undergrad, Natalie worked in Carleton’s Office of Health Promotion where she enjoyed educating herself and her peers on health topics that promoted the well-being of the campus community. While at Carleton, she developed an interest in health policy and learning how to create and continuously improve the strategies that affect communities’ health outcomes. Natalie is especially passionate about understanding how to mitigate the disproportionate, negative effects of environmental factors on the well-being of underserved populations. She also spent time in Nicaragua visiting health clinics and schools and speaking with clinicians to understand how they assess community needs and keep children healthy. In her free time, Natalie enjoys baking, bike riding, yoga, and tracking down the best local ice cream shops.

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