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Published: 2/28/07
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The 19th World Diabetes Congress (Cape Town, South Africa, December 3-7)

This winter we flew down to sunny Cape Town to attend the nineteenth official meeting of International Diabetes Federation (IDF). This conference, held only once every three years, drew over 12,000 clinicians, scientists, and other attendees. Diabetes isn't easy for anyone to live with, but this meeting reminded us of how lucky we are, in the US, who have health insurance and access to the drugs and devices that make such a difference.

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The Annual Meeting of the Obesity Society (Boston, Massachusetts, October 20-24)

The Obesity Society's annual meeting has long been our favorite place to catch up on the basic science research behind this critical problem. While the FDA has not approved a new obesity drug since 1999, we came away feeling optimistic that promising new treatments are on the horizon.

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