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Poster Now Available: 42 Factors That Affect Blood Glucose

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By Adam Brown

Download our new, beautiful 42 Factors Poster and Booklet – free! Plus, launch of the new ShopdiaTribe.org with 42 Factors Posters and Bright Spots stickers!

Last year, we published my column, “42 Factors That Affect Blood Glucose?! A Surprising Update.” Ever since, diaTribe readers have been asking for a “42 Factors Poster” that can be downloaded or purchased as well as a booklet summarizing all 42 Factors with explanations. That day is here! You can access them here:

We hope these resources are valuable reminders of how much complexity goes into every blood sugar. Viewing the “42 Factors” graphic always reminds me that “perfection” is an unrealistic goal in diabetes, since there are so many variables that are out of my control and/or impossible to measure. Rather, I aim to take action on out-of-range blood sugars, use data to identify patterns and learn (when possible), and reflect on what is working (Bright Spots) and where I might improve (Landmines). Enjoy!

42 Factors Poster

Download at diaTribe.org/42FactorsPoster or click the image on the right.

Buy a printed poster on the new diaTribe Shop! It is available in two sizes – a placemat-sized 12x18 inches ($9.95) and a movie-poster-sized 24x36 inches ($19.95). The print quality is excellent. These are priced nearly at-cost, with small proceeds supporting our work at The diaTribe Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

42 Factors Booklet

Download at diaTribe.org/42FactorsExplained, which includes a gorgeous PDF with all 42 Factors and individual explanations.

Bright Spots” Stickers

In the spirit of finding “Bright Spots,” we also have stickers available for purchase in the new diaTribe Shop: one with the Bright Spots logo and one with a reminder to Find Your Bright Spots. We shared these stickers at in-person events when Bright Spots & Landmines launched two years ago, and I’ve been dying to find a way to make them available for purchase. They are especially great for laptops and water bottles!

If you have other merchandise requests for the diaTribe Shop, send us an email, and we’ll see what we can add!