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Shedding Light on the AGP Report With Dr. Rich Bergenstal

By Matthew Garza

What is an ambulatory glucose profile (AGP) report and what can it tell you? In this video, Dr. Rich Bergenstal from the International Diabetes Center explains the origin of the AGP report, how to read the information it includes, and ways to use your AGP to optimize your CGM data

For people who use a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), the amount of glucose data that this device provides can be overwhelming – it give you more than 288 data points every day! So how can you understand and use all of that information? Thankfully, the International Diabetes Center developed the Ambulatory Glucose Profile (AGP) report. The AGP report is a standardized, single-page report included in your CGM software that is based on your last 14 days of data. It shows key measurements – including your time in range, summary glucose profile, and daily glucose graphs – that can help you manage your diabetes. In this video, Dr. Bergenstal explains what the AGP report is, how it was developed, and how to understand the data that it includes.

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Fast forward through the video to watch a particular section:

  • 00:03 Introduction

  • 01:56 How to Optimize Your Glucose: BGM vs CGM 

  • 04:16 Zoning in on CGM: What Does the Technology Look Like? 

  • 05:39 AGP Report: Four Ways to Effectively Use CGM Data 

  • 06:49 Standardize – How Did the AGP Report Come About? 

  • 09:10 Organize – How is the AGP Report Organized? 

  • 10:45 Metrics and Targets – Glucose Statistics and Targets 

  • 13:08 Metrics and Targets – Time In Ranges 

  • 15:05 How are TIR and A1C Related? 

  • 16:07 Common CGM TIR Targets


This article is part of a series on time in range. 
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