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Eli Lilly Expands U.S. Free Clinic Insulin Donation Program

By Divya Gopisetty

Eli Lilly to donate 200,000 insulin pens and provide $2 million for diabetes education to 200 free clinics across the United States by 2022

Eli Lilly is taking a step to increase access to insulin – it announced a plan to expand its insulin donation program this year by providing 200,000 insulin pens to free clinics across the United States.

Lilly will be donating Humalog KwikPens to three relief organizations (Americares, Direct Relief, and Dispensary of Hope), who will help distribute the insulin to clinics. 

In addition to the insulin donations, Lilly will provide $2 million to fund grants for free clinics focused on diabetes-related education. The grants are intended to help people learn how to better access medicines, supplies, medical care, and insurance. Free clinics can learn more about the program requirements and apply for these grants through Direct Relief or Americares.

According to the press release, since the program’s initial launch in 2018, Lilly has donated 120,000 vials of insulin to 150 free clinics. By 2022, the company aims to reach 200 free clinics.

People who are struggling to afford Lilly insulins (Humalog, Basaglar, Humulin) are encouraged to call the Lilly Diabetes Solution Center at (833) 808-1234 (9am to 8pm EST Monday through Friday) to learn about available options, including coupon cards and patient assistance programs. The solution center has operators who can take the calls in Spanish and translators for about 40 other languages.

For more information on insulin affordability and to learn about your options to pay for insulin, check out our resource page here!