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Timesulin Pen Cap Now Available at Kmart and RiteAid Across the US

Update (10/19/15): Timesulin, a pen cap to help people remember how long it’s been since their last dose of insulin, can now be found in the major retail outlets Kmart and Rite Aid all across the US, as well as at most independent pharmacies. All other pharmacies should be able to order Timesulin devices to arrive within 24 hours. Anyone who cannot find Timesulin at their local pharmacies can call 844-432-6680 or email [email protected] for assistance. Read below for more on how Timesulin solves a very meaningful problem - When did I last take my insulin? - through a simple, easy to use design.

Original Article (5/29/15):

Twitter summary: A crowdfunding success brings @Timesulin, an insulin pen dose timing cap, to the US, selling at $34.99

Timesulin, a pen cap to help patients remember how long it’s been since their last dose of insulin, is now available in the US after raising an impressive $36,189 from a crowdfunding campaign. This is welcome news for patients on injections and comes after Timesulin’s popularity in 40 other countries. Those interested who live in the UK, Europe, and Australia can visit this link to purchase the Timesulin cap online. Timesulin fits all major disposable insulin pens, including the Novo Nordisk Flexpen and FlexTouch, the Sanofi SoloSTAR, and the Lilly Kwikpen.

A highlight of the Timesulin pen cap is the focus on ultra simplicity – the timer is built right into the pen cap, and it begins counting once a patient places the cap back on the insulin pen. It’s easy to quickly see how long it’s been since the last dose of insulin (i.e., the screen shows the clock and nothing else). After removing the cap, taking a dose of insulin, and putting it back on the pen, the clock resets to zero. The timer can count up to 100 hours since the last injection. The cap lasts for 12 months before it needs to be replaced, and it does not require charging. For a one-minute video of how Timesulin works, see its website here.

Timesulin solves a very meaningful problem – When did I last inject insulin? – without adding any additional to burden to those using it. In 2013, a Novo Nordisk study suggested one in three people living with diabetes skip or incorrectly take an insulin dose three times per month, and that 77% of healthcare providers estimated this number was closer to six times per month. Novo Nordisk has also posted this nice infographic on the problems with insulin dose timing, citing as many as 93% of people with diabetes have problems remembering the timing of their insulin dosing. Timesulin’s approach may help many patients remember to take their insulin, as well as avoid dangerous insulin “stacking” (taking too many doses too close to each other) that contributes to hypoglycemia. -AB