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Type 1

Toujeo vs. Tresiba: How do they Compare on Time-in-Range in Type 1 Diabetes?

By Jimmy McDermott

A currently-recruiting trial is comparing how two types of basal insulin – Toujeo and Tresiba – impact blood sugar levels in adults, using continuous glucose monitoring​

Clinical Trials Identifier: NCT04075513

Trial Name: Comparison of Glucose Values and Variability Between TOUJEO and TRESIBA During Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Type 1 Diabetes Patients (inRange)

Diabetes type: Type 1

What the trial is testing: The trial is comparing how two types of basal insulin ­– Toujeo (insulin glargine U300) and Tresiba (insulin degludec U100) – affect blood sugar levels in adults. Participants will receive Toujeo or Tresiba insulin pens that will be used in addition to rapid acting insulin. Blood sugar levels will be recorded with a continuous glucose monitor (CGM).

What the trial is measuring: Researchers will record time in range (70 to 180 mg/dl) using a CGM over 12 weeks. The researchers will also measure blood sugar variability, time below 70mg/dl, time above 180 mg/dl, A1C, and more.

Why is this new/important? Toujeo and Tresiba are already FDA-approved long-acting basal insulins on the market. This study will help understand the benefits of Toujeo vs. Tresiba by recording CGM data.

Trial length: 18 weeks

Trial locations: New York

Select eligibility criteria include:

  • Type 1 diabetes

  • Treated with multiple daily injections (MDI) using basal insulin analog once daily and rapid acting insulin analogs for at least one year

  • A1C greater than 7% (48 mmol/mol) and less than 10% (86 mmol/mol) at screening

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Where to get more information: Contact Sanofi at 800-633-1610, extension option 6, or [email protected].