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100 Years of Insulin with University of Toronto: Diabetes Transformed

By Gabby Mitchell

To mark the hundredth anniversary of the discovery of insulin, the University of Toronto is hosting a series of presentations and seminars on the latest advances in diabetes treatments. A free, two-day virtual conference in April will feature lectures by more than a dozen experts in diabetes, focusing on the history of insulin, updates in diabetes management, and future research.

The University of Toronto is celebrating its 100-year anniversary of the discovery of insulin with a free virtual conference, Insulin 100, bringing together today’s top scientists, researchers and public health leaders in the world of diabetes. Anyone – with or without diabetes – can register for this virtual free conference and gain access to an extraordinary set of live panel discussions and presentations on April 15 and 16. Additionally, stellar on-demand presentations are posted weekly for those who register – these began in January and will lead up to the live event.  

World-renowned leaders in the field of diabetes, such as Dr. Daniel Drucker of the Drucker Lab in Toronto and his colleague Dr. Bernie Zinman, will lead discussions on the history of insulin, strategies for improving diabetes care, and compelling diabetes research that aims to chart the course for the future. And, conference registrants will hear some of the current advances in diabetes management, including smart insulin delivery (smart pens and automated insulin delivery), and immune-based therapies for type 1 diabetes treatment. If you want to learn more about the experts who will be presenting at the conference and throughout the year, you can read their bios and descriptions of their presentations here.

Once you’ve registered, see the unparalleled agenda for April’s live event here. diaTribe salutes the University of Toronto for creating a conference aimed at reaching as broad an audience possible, driven by program director Dr. Drucker.