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Asante MySnap Program Paves the Way for Customizable Insulin Pumps

Twitter summary: Asante MySnap allows users to customize the design of their pumps, plus a new “upgrade” program and plans for a next-generation pump

At AADE in August, Asante announced the national launch of the Snap insulin pump and the MySnap Program, a service that enables patients to customize the look of their insulin pumps – consumers can choose which colors they want for the face, frame, and accent on the Snap pump. MySnap products will begin shipping on November 24, and any Snap pumps ordered before then will get the MySnap service for free. People who currently have an Asante Snap pump can upgrade to a MySnap customizable colored pump for a $99 fee, which is part of a larger upgrade plan by Asante that will allow customers to upgrade to any new Asante product for $99. Asante also offers a free trial program for new patients to try the Snap pump for free for four weeks.

Asante also plans to launch a next-generation Snap pump with connectivity capabilities. Most notably, the Snap pump will eventually integrate with the Dexcom Gen 5 mobile platform (similar to the Insulet partnership), allowing the Dexcom mobile app to display both Snap pump and Dexcom CGM data in one place. Asante also plans to build its own mobile app (“SnapCoach”) that will display the status of your pump, send notifications to your loved ones, and allow users to remotely bolus from the app, eliminating the need to pull out the pump, which would be very cool. The timing of the launch will depend on FDA approval, which we expect would take at least six -12 months after submission.