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Breaking News on Dexcom's Gen 5 CGM Integration with Apple iPhone App and Watch!

Update (1/14/15): At the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, Dexcom revealed an updated design of the Gen 5 CGM user interface for the iPhone (please see photo to the right). As we understand it, the design displayed at the Consumer Electronics Show was a preliminary mock-up; this newly revealed design is what the Gen 5 user interface should actually look like in the final product.

Original Article:

On January 7 at the Consumer Electronic’s Show in Las Vegas, Dexcom presented the first mock-up we’ve ever seen (please see picture) of its Gen 5 CGM integrated directly with an Apple iPhone app and Apple Watch! The Gen 5 app interface on the iPhone looks the exact same as the Dexcom Share's app interface (Dexcom's currently available remote monitoring app). Its ability to display on Apple’s Smart Watch will likely be a welcome feature for patients, given the popularity of the Nightscout watch display. The Gen 5 CGM will also post data to Apple’s HealthKit app, hopefully allowing many other health apps to eventually use its data. As we understand it, the Gen 5 Bluetooth-enabled transmitter will be the same size as the original G4 Platinum transmitter.

An FDA submission is expected early this year, and we will aim to find out more on that front when we see Dexcom leaders next week here in San Francisco for the annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference!

Dexcom Partnerships:

In total, nine organizations have partnered with Dexcom to integrate its CGM data into their products. This list includes two companies just announced at the Consumer Electronic Show: Databetes and Training Peaks. Databetes makes Meal Memory, a meal-tracking app available on both Apple and Android devices. The app involves taking a picture of a meal and manually inputting pre/post-meal glucose values and the meal’s carb count, allowing a visual recording of a meal’s effect on blood sugar. Training Peaks is an exercise training and tracking platform that collects data during workouts, such as heart rate, speed, power, etc.

The other organizations that have partnered to integrate with Dexcom CGM data include:

  • Animas (Vibe insulin pump integrated with G4 Platinum launching this month)

  • Tandem (t:slim insulin pump integrated with G4 Platinum currently submitted to the FDA, future plans to integrate with Gen 5)

  • Insulet (next generation PDM to integrate with Gen 5)

  • Asante (Snap insulin pump to integrate with Gen 5)

  • Diasend (internet platforms to upload CGM and other device data)

  • SweetSpot (internet platforms to upload CGM and other device data)

  • Tidepool (internet platforms to upload CGM and other device data)

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