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Dexcom to Acquire SweetSpot Diabetes Care, Developer of an Online Diabetes Data Platform

On February 23, Dexcom announced that it had acquired SweetSpot Diabetes Care, an IT company with an online platform for uploading and processing data from diabetes devices. The sleek web-based system will eventually allow patients to share data on blood glucose, CGM, and insulin delivery devices with their healthcare providers, enable online data storage, generate detailed reports, and even integrate the data into electronic medical records. Additionally, the new SweetSpot/Dexcom software will feature advanced data analysis capabilities like pattern recognition and glycemic variability statistics. Ideally, these features should make understanding an often-overwhelming amount of CGM data much easier for patients and providers. At this time, the companies have not announced when the new system will be launched and we expect that it will certainly take some time to develop. Nevertheless, we see the new platform as a major upgrade over Dexcom’s current PC-only, non-Internet-based DM3 software.

Looking to the future, Dexcom’s plan is to have their fifth-generation CGM sensor (the current Seven Plus is their third-generation sensor) enable the use of a smart phone as a receiver. This would allow Dexcom to remotely and seamlessly send CGM data from a smart phone to SweetSpot’s online-based data management platform. Such technology could be exciting from both a remote monitoring perspective (e.g., parents could monitor their child’s CGM while at school) and for its potential to reduce the hassle associated with downloading devices. Here at diaTribe, we have followed the excellent team at SweetSpot Diabetes Care since 2008 (see our coverage in NewNowNext in diaTribe #12) and are very glad to see them partnering with Dexcom. We’ll certainly be anxious to hear more updates on the development of the new software and when patients might be able to try it. –AB