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Diabetes Food Logging App Undermyfork Launches for Android Users and Healthcare Professionals

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The Undermyfork app is now available for Android and iPhone, allowing you to keep track of how specific meals affect your Time in Range. Undermyfork Care lets you share your meal data with your healthcare team and care-partners.

The popular diabetes food logging app Undermyfork is now available free for Android users, after launching in 2019 for iPhone. Read about Adam Brown’s early experience with the app here. Undermyfork Care, letting users share their meal data with healthcare professionals and loved ones, also debuted this month.

What is Undermyfork?

Undermyfork is an app that combines glucose data with photo-based food logging. This can be helpful for learning about how foods you eat affect your glucose levels. By comparing specific meals to your glucose levels, you may be able to identify which foods keep you in your target glucose range and which foods drive your glucose out of range.

The target glucose range in the app can be customized, but most guidelines recommend a range of 70 to 180 mg/dl. The percentage of time you spend in this range is called your Time in Range (TIR). Undermyfork sorts meals into green, amber, and red categories based on your TIR in the two-hours after a meal.

For now, the Android app can only automatically pull glucose data for Dexcom continuous glucose monitor (CGM) users. The iPhone app automatically integrates glucose data through Apple Health, which can access Dexcom CGM data, FreeStyle Libre CGM data (for people using the MiaoMiao or BlueCon add-ons), and fingerstick data from several blood glucose meters. Both apps also allow you to enter glucose values manually if you don’t have a compatible system.

For food logging, you simply take a photo of your meal. The app automatically recognizes and tags many foods (for example: rice, toast, or yogurt). Users can also add new tags (like “snack” or “dinner”) or correct tags if the app doesn’t recognize your food properly. Using these tags, you can search through previous meals, potentially helping with decisions on what to eat in the future. “What happened the last time I ate toast with peanut butter?” is now a question that can be answered by opening up your app.

The Undermyfork app also supports insulin data logging, though this information must be entered manually. Adding your insulin data can be a valuable tool to help you understand all of the factors that affect your Time in Range as you look back through your meals.

What is Undermyfork Care?

The new Undermyfork Care is designed as a place for healthcare professionals or care-partners to view a user’s Undermyfork data. Since the data is automatically synced, care teams can keep an eye on a person’s data in real-time. The “Monthly View” feature of the Undermyfork Care app provides an overview of meal, hypoglycemia, and hyperglycemia information. If you use Undermyfork, talk to your healthcare professional about accessing your meal data through Undermyfork Care.

The Undermyfork app and Undermyfork Care offer new ways to keep track of your glucose data and better understand how specific foods affect your Time in Range. Recognizing these patterns can be an effective way to improve your diabetes management. If you’re looking for healthy recipes to try out with the new app, check out our collection of delicious, low-carb recipe options.