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Glooko Launches MeterSync Blue – Enables 30+ Meters to Send Data Over Bluetooth to Android and iPhone Apps

Twitter summary: Glooko launches MeterSync Blue, 30+ meters to send data to iPhone/Android app via Bluetooth using only 1 piece of hardware

This month Glooko announced the launch of MeterSync Blue, a small device that allows users to upload glucose meter data to Android and iPhone apps via Bluetooth. MeterSync Blue is compatible with over 30 meters, including many made by Abbott, Bayer, LifeScan, and Roche – see the list here. To use MeterSync Blue, users plug a small cable into their meter, open the Glooko app, and seamlessly transfer readings via Bluetooth to the Glooko app.

The new model has several other advantages over the original design: it is compatible with more meters and smartphones, no additional adapters are required (the previous model required an adapter for the iPhone 5 and an IR adaptor for Accu Chek meters), and for a few meters (J&J LifeScan’s OneTouch Ultra 2 and Ultra Mini, and Walmart’s ReliOn meters), the Glooko system can be left plugged in all the time, essentially making them 24/7 Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Glooko hopes to work with insurance companies and healthcare systems to make the system free for patients. Current partners include Scripps, Joslin, and Dr. Zachary Bloomgarden (clinical professor, Mount Sinai Medical Center), to name a few. Glooko is also selling limited numbers of the MeterSync Blue direct-to-consumer through its web store - the list price is $59.

We had a chance to try MeterSync Blue ourselves and got it set up and transferring readings from a FreeStyle Lite meter to the Glooko app on an iPhone 5 in less than five minutes. Glooko has done an excellent job of providing a universal and easy solution to the problem of downloading data from the wide array of glucose meters that are available today. Down the road, Glooko has several projects in development to further its efforts beyond meters, such as combining its current product with CGMs, pumps, and other activity trackers.  –AB/AJW