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An important diaTribe milestone and the latest developments in diabetes technology

For diaTribe,this February brought one major event and one significant milestone. The major event was the fourth annual International Conference on Advanced Technologies and Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD) during a busy (and foggy) week in London. Since we first attended ATTD in 2008 in Prague (and then in 2009 in Athens and in 2010 in Basel, Switzerland), the conference has doubled in size from 700 people to 1,400, and we have found it one of the premier spots to learn about new products and research. It’s also the best place hands down to learn about new diabetes technology – early! We share these takeaways in this month’s Conference Pearls and NewNowNext. We have much good news to report, with Animas sharing its new Vibe pump system that will be integrated with Dexcom’s CGM, Medtronic presenting its new Enlite sensor that should be approved soon in the EU, D. Medical unveiling its Spring Hybrid patch pump, and Bayer jumping into the CGM fray with a new continuous monitor in the works. At this technology-focused meeting, virtually every important researcher involved in closing the loop was present, and we heard progress, if incremental, on ways to combine insulin delivery with CGM in a single, automated system. While regulatory approvals in the US are still slow, things are moving in Europe and elsewhere for sure – these gains will trickle down to the US eventually, and we’ll know more about government barriers in general by the end of this year.

Our milestone is the 30th issue of diaTribe. Since we began publishing in late 2006, we have tried to deliver concise updates on products and research, in-depth interviews with key researchers and opinion leaders, and columns from some of the best writers in healthcare. While we have proudly remained ad-free, we have also had the chance to partner with companies for over ten product giveaways. On that note, we are excited that you still have time to enter our drawing for a Dexcom starter kit or sensors. Entry closes March 9, so act now if you want a chance at some of the biggest prizes we’ve ever offered.

Of course, in addition to providing you with news, opinions, and giveaways, we continue to let you “close the loop” on diabetes information by sharing your thoughts on drugs and devices. When you enter the Dexcom giveaway, you can also sign up to receive our quarterly survey, which helps us keep diaTribe free, assists companies and researchers in finding out the issues that matter most, and rewards you (or your favorite diabetes charity) with $5-$10 for every survey you complete. And if you can’t wait three months to say what’s on your mind (I know we can’t!), we are always happy to hear your thoughts on diaTribe, diabetes, or life in general at kelly.close(at)closeconcerns.com. I can’t believe we’ve already made it to 30, and we owe it to your feedback and encouragement for keeping us young.


Kelly L. Close