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Medtronic Integrates Guardian Connect CGM with InPen Smart Insulin Pen

By Matthew Garza and Albert Cai

People with diabetes who take multiple daily injections of insulin can now track their insulin doses and view their real-time glucose data all in one place though the InPen app. InPen is the only FDA-cleared smart insulin dosing pen and can now integrate with the Guardian Connect continuous glucose monitor

Insulin pen users who currently have InPen can now combine their continuous glucose monitor (CGM) data from their Guardian Connect with insulin dosing data in the InPen smartphone app (available for iOS and Android). Now you can see your glucose and insulin dosing data all in one place. This exciting launch comes from Medtronic, whose Guardian Connect CGM is now integrated with InPen, the first and only FDA-cleared smart insulin delivery pen. 

The InPen is a one-year, reusable, Bluetooth-enabled smart insulin pen. It automatically captures mealtime doses and keeps track of insulin on board (how much insulin is still active inside your body from the previous bolus). The app tracks your insulin doses and glucose levels, includes a bolus calculator, and creates an InPen Insights report that combines glucose and insulin data for review.

Guardian Connect and InPen users can now see, in real-time, their glucose values and trend arrows in the InPen app and the InPen Insights reports. This is much easier for diabetes management than switching between apps for CGM data and insulin dosing data. If you don’t use the Guardian Connect CGM, don’t worry – the InPen app will continue to display information from other compatible devices, like blood glucose meters and the Dexcom G6 CGM. However, G6 data comes on a three-hour delay in the InPen app.

The InPen app, now integrated with Guardian Connect, is the second mobile app to combine real-time CGM data and insulin dosing data (the first is Tandem’s t:connect mobile app which combines data from the Dexcom G6 CGM and the Tandem t:slim X2 insulin pump).