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Medtronic Provides First Demo of Its New Enlite Continuous Glucose Monitoring Sensor at ATTD 2011

Medtronic’s new Enlite sensor appears to be a big step forward from the currently available Sof-Sensor shown above (bottom right).

Medtronic held its first “hands-on” demonstration of its new CGM sensor, the “Enlite” glucose sensor, which appears to be a big step forward from the previous generation. The sensor isn’t on the market yet but is expected to be available soon in Europe, approved for a six-day wear time. Unfortunately, it will likely take a year or more for approval in the US, where the currently marketed Medtronic sensor is only approved for three days of continuous use, compared to six days in Europe. The key highlights of the Enlite CGM sensor include a much smaller (10.5 mm) and thinner (27-gauge at its thinnest point) needle, no sight of the needle during insertion, a 90-degree insertion, and a much better inserter design (smaller and much less intimidating). This CGM sensor may be a particularly improved option for children, due to the smaller needle and the 90-degree insertion. The new vertical insertion device looks more attractive and is palm-sized with a large green button. Medtronic representatives also cited internal data that suggested a high percentage of people found the insertion of the Enlite sensor to be “pain-free” – a major claim! The design certainly seems to be a major improvement in comfort, and we look forward to testing this device when it becomes available in the US. –ST