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Smart Insulin Pen Cleared for Kids

By Julia Kenney

InPen – a reusable, Bluetooth-enabled, smart insulin dosing and tracking pen – is now available for people of all ages in the United States

The Companion Medical InPen is now available for children of all ages (ages seven and older, otherwise under the supervision of an adult). The Bluetooth-enabled smart insulin pen was previously available for adults; InPen has now received FDA clearance to help kids and their families manage insulin dosing and tracking. For parents and care-partners supporting children with diabetes, it is important to have access to diabetes technology that they can trust. InPen will help kids with diabetes develop independence as they learn to manage their diabetes care.

InPen is the first and only FDA-cleared smart pen for insulin delivery. The reusable pen aims to make insulin injections safer – it automatically captures mealtime doses and keeps track of insulin on board. InPen comes with an app (free on Apple iOS and Android) that helps you easily track insulin doses and glucose levels. The app includes a bolus calculator which can help prevent insulin “stacking.” The app also creates an easily accessible report combining your glucose and insulin data – this tool is helpful for working with your healthcare team.

According to Companion Medical CEO Sean Saint, “Now anyone can safely use InPen to help make decisions around insulin dosing, no matter what their age. [InPen] can help caregivers feel more confident as they’re learning how to manage their children’s diabetes.” 

InPen is available in more than 60,000 pharmacy locations across the United States. The smart insulin pen requires a prescription and is covered by many insurance companies in the United States. Most InPen users pay a $35 copay, and the device lasts one-year (before the battery runs out). Companion Medical has a co-pay assistance program for people without insurance coverage – find out if you qualify here.