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Type 1

How Does Exercise Affect Blood Sugar in Type 1 Diabetes?

A currently recruiting study to find out how blood sugar changes during exercise in people with type 1 diabetes

Trial name: T1-DEXI (Type 1 Diabetes EXercise Initiative: The Effect of Exercise on Glycemic Control in Type 1 Diabetes Study)

Diabetes type: Type 1

What the trial is testing: This four-week at-home study is collecting data that will help to find out how blood sugar changes during exercise in people with type 1 diabetes.

The study involves being active for at least 2.5 hours a week. Participants will complete assigned exercise sessions (provided through online videos) in addition to usual activity. Participants will wear a Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitor (CGM), a wrist-worn activity tracker, and use a study app (Android or iPhone) to track food and exercise. Participants will also be asked to complete online questionnaires and share diabetes device data.

Why is this new/important? Regular exercise is linked with a lower risk of diabetes-related complications in people with type 1 diabetes. However, blood sugar response to exercise can also make diabetes management more challenging. Data collected from this study will provide information that will help to understand how the body responds to different types of exercise. This can be used to inform the development of closed loop systems and decision support software. Additionally, participants may also learn more about their blood sugar response to exercise.

Trial length: About four weeks from the start of the study.

Trial locations: The study is conducted at-home through virtual video visits. Study exercise is completed by following exercise videos available online.

Would you like to take part? 

To take part in this study, participants must:

  • Have had type 1 diabetes for at least two years

  • Be 18 to 70 years old

  • Be living in the US during the study

  • Regularly use or are willing to use a Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitor

  • Use an Android or iOS smartphone

  • Have access to a computer with internet

  • Obtain medical clearance for exercise from a licensed health care professional

  • Additional eligibility requirements are included in the consent form.

Where to get more information:

For more information to help you decide if you want to take part in the study visit the study webpage: https://www.jaeb.org/t1dexi.

You can also contact the T1-DEXI study team at [email protected] or (813) 975-8690.