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What's a 'Normal' A1C? When Is It Misleading?

Why we use A1C, what values are recommended, and what impacts A1C – everything from anemia to vitamins


Why the ‘Oatzempic’ Craze Isn’t Worth the Hype

Let's Talk About High Blood Sugar

Explore the understated impact of hyperglycemia fears in diabetic children, the need for enhanced research, and strategies for safe diabetes management.

Should You Call Someone ‘Diabetic’?

The parent of a teenager with type 1 diabetes shares her thoughts on calling someone "diabetic," as opposed to "person with diabetes," and why language matters when discussing diabetes.

Cheese with Charley: Unexpected Lessons in Diabetes Care

Every person with diabetes has something to teach diabetes care providers. This is a story about how education and technology can empower and motivate a person with diabetes to overcome multiple challenges.

New Target A1C Recommended for Youth with Type 1 Diabetes

The American Diabetes Association has lowered the A1C target for children to less than 7.0%, aiming to improve long-term health outcomes without increasing hypoglycemic events.