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Basal Insulin

Learn how combination drugs like Soliqua and Xultophy can help manage type 2 diabetes

5 Benefits of Combining Insulin and GLP-1 Drugs

A woman injects insulin

Lilly’s Once-Weekly Insulin Delivers Similar A1C Reduction to Daily Basal Insulin

Long-Acting Basaglar and the New Era of “Biosimilar” Insulin

What you need to know about the new insulin, its cost, dosing, and beyond!

A Potential Game-Changer in Type 2 Diabetes: GLP-1 Agonist/ Basal Insulin Combinations?

Our deep dive on a new therapy now available in Europe – the benefits, risks, and when it might come to the US.

Xultophy Beats Out Lantus in Major Clinical Trial

One of the biggest drug highlights at the 2015 ADA Scientific Sessions was a compelling presentation by diaTribe scientific Advisory Board member Dr. John Buse on brand new phase 3 clinical trial data comparing Xultophy (a GLP-1 agonist/long acting insulin combination taken as a single injection) to Lantus (a long acting insulin) for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. The results of the 26-week study were very impressive...

Lilly Discontinues Development of Liver-Selective Basal Insulin Peglispro

What were the risks and benefits of this drug?