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Diabetes Complications

Close-up of Ozempic packaging

Ozempic Slows Kidney Disease, Cuts Cardiorenal Death Risk in Type 2 Diabetes, FLOW Study Finds

Having surgery with diabetes

Having Surgery With Diabetes

Having a surgical procedure, whether it's planned or an emergency, comes with added risks when you have diabetes. Learn more about preparing for surgery with diabetes, how to advocate for your needs, why in-range glucose values are important, and how to minimize your risks.

8 Strategies To Prevent Eye Disease

We outline diabetes-related eye complications and suggest a few tips to keep your eyes as healthy as possible

Type 1 on a GLP-1 Drug? Watch for Hypoglycemia and DKA

Explore GLP-1 agonists for weight loss in type 1 diabetes with caution. Understand potential risks like hypoglycemia and DKA, while balancing benefits for heart and kidney health.

Diabetes and Dental Care: Taking Care of Your Teeth

Learn how to prevent dental issues related to diabetes with self-care habits, regular check-ups, and an understanding of the risks of high blood glucose on oral health.

New Hope for Treating Chronic Kidney Disease in Type 1 Diabetes

People with type 1 diabetes face higher kidney risks, yet treatments approved for type 2 aren't FDA approved for them due to clinical trial gaps. The EASD 2023 panel pushes for research, and Bayer's upcoming FINE-ONE trial could shift this landscape, focusing on kidney protection with finerinone.