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diabetes education

Sonia Sotomayor

Let Justice Sonia Sotomayor Do Her Job

Teenage brother and sister show off Omnipods on their left arms

Raising 6 Kids With Diabetes

Should You Call Someone ‘Diabetic’?

The parent of a teenager with type 1 diabetes shares her thoughts on calling someone "diabetic," as opposed to "person with diabetes," and why language matters when discussing diabetes.

Why Diabetes Knowledge Is Essential

The more you understand about how diabetes, diet, nutrition, medications and technology interconnect, the better the choices you’ll make toward improving your health and wellbeing. Explore the relationship between knowledge and self-care.

The Human Condition With Diabetes

Navigating a diabetes diagnosis with the added challenges of daily life can be mentally taxing. Novelist Sara Zarr discusses her approach to dealing with the ups and downs of being human while managing her diabetes.

Health Equity: A Framework for Improving Health Outcomes for People Living with Diabetes

At our virtual Musings Under the Moon #8 [https://youtu.be/jVZXTmYzEBQ] gathering, experts in health equity gathered to discuss what health equity really means, what its barriers are, and what actions are needed to achieve health equity.