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GLP-1 and Incretin Drugs

Learn how combination drugs like Soliqua and Xultophy can help manage type 2 diabetes

5 Benefits of Combining Insulin and GLP-1 Drugs

The first generic GLP-1 has launched

Generic Victoza Now Available in the U.S.

Sleep Apnea and Diabetes

Sleep apnea can make managing diabetes more difficult. Treatment includes CPAP therapy, which has also been shown to improve blood glucose control and insulin sensitivity, and tirzepatide.

Man inserting Ozempic into stomach

Why Diabetes Miracle Drugs like Ozempic Are Off-Limits to Type 1s

Close-up of Ozempic packaging

Ozempic Slows Kidney Disease, Cuts Cardiorenal Death Risk in Type 2 Diabetes, FLOW Study Finds

Type 1 on a GLP-1 Drug? Watch for Hypoglycemia and DKA

Explore GLP-1 agonists for weight loss in type 1 diabetes with caution. Understand potential risks like hypoglycemia and DKA, while balancing benefits for heart and kidney health.