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Kidney Disease

CKM syndrome describes the condition of overlapping diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and kidney disease

What Is CKM Syndrome? Causes, Treatments, and Prevention

Close-up of Ozempic packaging

Ozempic Slows Kidney Disease, Cuts Cardiorenal Death Risk in Type 2 Diabetes, FLOW Study Finds

Over half of people with diabetes aren't getting recommended kidney screenings, according to new research

Over Half of People with Diabetes Aren’t Getting Kidney Screenings

Today’s Kidney Dialysis Options for People With Diabetes

How Much Do You Know About Diabetes and Kidney Disease?

Our overview of what all of us need to know about one of our most vital organs – our kidneys.

Metformin is Safe for Over 1 Million More People with Type 2 Diabetes

FDA expands use to people with mild to moderate kidney disease.