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Having surgery with diabetes

Having Surgery With Diabetes

Having a surgical procedure, whether it's planned or an emergency, comes with added risks when you have diabetes. Learn more about preparing for surgery with diabetes, how to advocate for your needs, why in-range glucose values are important, and how to minimize your risks.

A woman injects insulin

Lilly’s Once-Weekly Insulin Delivers Similar A1C Reduction to Daily Basal Insulin


Does Metformin Benefit People With Type 1 Diabetes?

Switching Away From Levemir: What Are the Options?

Novo Nordisk to discontinue Levemir, impacting patients who rely on its unique dosing flexibility for diabetes management.

Desperate to Feel Better: A Teen With T1D Tries an Off-Label Drug

What do you do when the approved drugs and treatments for managing your type 1 diabetes don’t seem to be enough? Lilly Varon, a teen with type 1 diabetes, turned to off-label medications with the help of her doctor.

Cholesterol and Diabetes

What is cholesterol, and when is it “good” or “bad?” What are the cholesterol recommendations for people with diabetes, and how can you keep up healthy cholesterol levels?