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Time in Range

Endocrinologist Dr. Steven Edelman MD

10 Tips to Stay in Range With Type 1 Diabetes

Endocrinologist Dr. Steve Edelman shares 10 strategies to manage blood glucose levels, including CGM tips, diet, and exercise.

Is It Time for Time in Tight Range?

8 Apps to Improve Your Time in Range

Managing your Time in Range (TIR) can be challenging, but there are several apps you can download to help you. In this article, we cover 14 apps you may want to check out.

Where Is Time in Range Headed?

A lot has happened this year advancing time in range as a primary glucose metric in diabetes care globally. Though we aren’t there yet, a panel shared their thoughts on the progress and future of time in range.

New Trial Data Shows Once-Weekly Insulin Improves Time in Range

Clinical trial results have shown that once-weekly basal insulins are just as effective at reducing A1C as once-daily insulin. 

Let's Talk About High Blood Sugar

Explore the understated impact of hyperglycemia fears in diabetic children, the need for enhanced research, and strategies for safe diabetes management.