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Could Someone You Know Have Prediabetes? Have Them Take the Risk Test with the Brand New Public Service Campaign

Do you know if you're at risk for prediabetes? Did you know that 90% of the 86 million Americans with prediabetes don’t know they have it?

This morning, the ADA, CDC, AMA, and the Ad Council just launched the first-ever national PSA campaign targeting prediabetes awareness and prevention. The campaign consists of a series of three short video ads – aired for the first time this morning on Good Morning America – as well as a website (doihaveprediabetes.org), Facebook page, YouTube channel, and messaging at public spaces (i.e. bus shelters). The goal of the campaign is to spur the conversation around prediabetes, highlight its scope, and educate people about its risk factors.

The campaign’s video ads, titled, “Busy Moms," "Bacon Lovers,” and "Take the Prediabetes Risk Test" are simultaneously humorous, urgent, and strikingly relatable (see the "risk test" video below!). The campaign is also promising in that it meets people "where they are" with relatable characters, as we see it, and also through its outreach in texting and bus shelters. In addition, the videos and website are notably all available in both English and Spanish – we'd love to see videos in Chinese and other languages as well, as these videos have so much potential to impact people not only in the US but globally too.

We especially love the campaign’s feature of a prediabetes risk assessment, as it is simple, interactive, and can be completed in thirty seconds or less – and one could do this not only for themselves but also for someone else. The test assesses a set of seven prediabetes risk factors – gender, ethnicity, family history, blood pressure, age, activity level, and BMI – and provides a risk score out of 10. As the test is free of cost and doesn’t require interfacing with the healthcare system, the campaign makes it widely accessible and empowering to the general public. Specifically, the risk test is accessible and user-friendly in its video ad (by asking viewers to count fingers on their hands as risk factors), website, and even through texting (by texting “RISKTEST” to 97779).

Aside from this resource, the campaign website also features tools on how to “reverse prediabetes” (with info on the Diabetes Prevention Program and lifestyle tips), an SMS program, an FAQ page, and more. We’re always struck by the lack of awareness around prediabetes, and we think this is a PSA that can really make an impact. We encourage anyone who is interested to share this campaign with your friends, family, coworkers, etc. – made even easier with the campaign’s social media toolkit and campaign hash tag #Prediabetes.

See below for the campaign's video, "Take the Prediabetes Risk Test"!


Photo and Video Credit: Ad Council, doihaveprediabetes.org