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New Low-Cost Analog Insulin from Walmart

By Arvind Sommi, Matthew Garza, and Ashwin Chetty

Walmart will begin selling ReliOn NovoLog, an analog insulin, to expand the affordability of the drug.

Walmart recently announced that it will begin selling its own private brand, rapid-acting, analog insulin called ReliOn NovoLog. The new insulin became available in Walmart pharmacies at the beginning of July and is expected to also be available in Sam’s Club stores in mid-July. Customers will need a prescription to purchase this insulin.

ReliOn NovoLog’s most important attribute is its price. It will be available in two different forms: either $72.88 per vial (10 mL each, or 1,000 units) or $85.88 for a package of five prefilled insulin pens (FlexPens, each with 3 mL, or 300 units). For people who don’t have health plans with prescription drug coverage and must pay for insulin out-of-pocket, Walmart’s offering could help them save 60% to 75% of the cash price of comparable analog insulins – that amounts to savings of around $101 per vial or $251 per package of FlexPens.

ReliOn is Walmart’s brand for diabetes products, and NovoLog is Novo Nordisk insulin – Walmart is selling ReliOn NovoLog at a lower price to make insulin more affordable. You may be familiar with Novolin ReliOn, Walmart’s $25 human insulin. While the human insulin option is less expensive, newer analog insulins (such as NovoLog) are more effective at managing blood sugar swings and minimizing hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and weight gain.

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Walmart’s insulin products could address some of the accessibility and affordability challenges of insulin. In addition to helping people without insurance, the new option may benefit people who have insurance with high deductibles or little coverage for insulin. If you are looking for more information on getting affordable insulin, visit diatribe.org/get-insulin and check out our articles: