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New OneTouch Subscriptions Bring Diabetes Supplies and Coaching to Your Door

Updated: 8/13/21 11:00 pmPublished: 1/4/21
By Matthew Garza

By Matthew Garza and Hanna Gutow

LifeScan’s OneTouch online store has three monthly subscription options to help you receive individual coaching services and diabetes supplies right at home. The prices range from $24.99 to $48.99 per month, and services can include test strips and lancets as well as access to unlimited coaching.

LifeScan recently announced the launch of the OneTouch Store to provide people with monthly diabetes supplies packages and personalized health coaching, all in one spot. The online store offers both stand-alone products and three subscription services:

  • OneTouch Subscribe ($38.99/month): This is LifeScan’s product-only subscription, with everything delivered to your home. It includes:

    • OneTouch Verio Reflect or OneTouch Verio Flex blood glucose meter

    • OneTouch Delica Plus lancing device

    • 100 lancets

    • 90 test strips per month

    • 100 lancets every three months

  • OneTouch Coach ($24.99/month): This is LifeScan’s coaching-only subscription, which allows one-on-one access to coaches through the OneTouch Reveal app and text-based communications with diabetes clinicians. The coaches, Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists, will provide education and answer questions about diet, activity, and blood glucose management.

  • OneTouch Subscribe + Coach ($48.99/month): This subscription combines the diabetes testing supplies home delivery service and the coaching service described above in one monthly package.

Each of the subscriptions can be purchased with funds from a Health Savings Account or a Flexible Spending Account – this removes the hassle of getting reimbursed for diabetes care. The subscription packages, or stand-alone orders of diabetes supplies, can be purchased in the OneTouch Reveal app (available for iOS and Android).

Blood glucose meters (BGM) are extremely important for people with diabetes, especially since many people still do not have easy, affordable access to continuous glucose monitors. It is important that you are able to get the BGM supplies you need, and it’s important to know the best way to use your BGM to inform your diabetes care. To learn more about maximizing your blood sugar readings and using your BGM to improve your Time in Range, check out our article with tips from diabetes nurse educators, Ashlee Ernst and Betsy Otten.

To learn about other monthly subscription services, read “How to Get Unlimited Test Strips and Personal Diabetes Coaching.”

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