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Most people with diabetes know when they are low, but others have difficulty detecting it or are completely unaware. This is known as hypoglycemia unawareness.
Discover the crucial role of triglycerides in health and their impact on diabetes, including management and measurement tips.
For the first time, Medicare is allowed to cover Wegovy, but only if prescribed to reduce the risk of serious cardiovascular events.
Uncover the hidden dangers of sleep apnea, its impact on health and diabetes, and the importance of recognizing and treating this common condition.
Understanding nocturnal hypoglycemia: Learn causes, symptoms, and management of this common diabetic condition, along with essential preventive steps.
Learn how to manage high triglycerides, a silent risk in diabetes, with lifestyle changes for heart health and disease prevention.
The daily pill Rezdiffra is the first treatment for people with a type of liver disease known as MASH, which affects up to 20% of people with type 2 diabetes.
Novo Nordisk’s FLOW trial was stopped early after results showed that Ozempic (semaglutide) slows progression of kidney disease in people with type 2 diabetes and CKD.
While AID has traditionally been used in type 1 diabetes, new data suggests this technology has many of the same benefits in type 2 – namely, improving time in range and...
Exploring metformin as a treatment for gestational diabetes: This article delves into the efficacy, safety, and patient satisfaction of metformin compared to insulin,...
Low vision or blindness is most often a result of eye disease. People living with vision loss and diabetes share advice on the importance of eye screenings and the best...
A recent study supports the idea that metformin may have a role in dementia prevention. Studies are ongoing to provide a definitive answer.
The American Heart Association recommends children consume a maximum of one sugary drink per week to prevent weight gain and other complications. Discover strategies to...
Learn to prevent CGM skin irritation with tips on sensor placement, hygiene, and helpful products for comfortable diabetes management.
A new analysis has identified biomarkers that significantly improve predicting cardiovascular risk in people with type 2 diabetes. Could these biomarkers change how...
A1C, crucial for diabetes management, varies by race, affecting accuracy. Supplementary measures like TIR offer a more tailored approach.
Discover the connection between thyroid diseases and diabetes, plus symptoms, prevalence, and effective management strategies.
Salt is essential for regulating important body functions, but too much can be harmful. Here are some strategies to reduce sodium in your diet.
Explore the crucial link between diabetes and accelerated age-related muscle loss (sarcopenia), its impact on health, and strategies for managing muscle health in people...
Discover the impact of hydration on diabetes, plus ideal water intake and personalized strategies for maintaining blood sugar levels in this detailed guide.