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Type 2 Diabetes News

Type 2 Diabetes is a chronic condition involving high blood sugar levels and reduced production and responsiveness to insulin.     

The new blood glucose meter features less expensive strips, uploads readings to smartphones, and integrates with mySugr
Third diabetes partnership for Fitbit, focused on integrating activity and sleep data with diabetes data on the phone and watch
How diabetes educators see people with diabetes differently – research from the American Association of Diabetes Educators conference
Cash-pay strips with good accuracy and co-pay programs to save money
A decision on Novo Nordisk’s faster-acting mealtime insulin is expected in late 2017; also launched in Canada, Germany, and the UK, and coming soon to more European...
With Roche’s support, mySugr will expand to more countries and will even begin offering a new package with unlimited test strips and diabetes coaching through German...
Get weekly email and phone notifications summarizing time-in-range and glucose trends from the updated Dexcom Clarity app
New Dexcom and Fitbit collaboration to put CGM data on the wrist, a convenience win and the third smartwatch platform for Fitbit. What else might they develop?
New Livongo Family Care Plan available without a prescription or insurance
How do I talk to family and friends about diabetes? Is this MY burden to bear? Are loved ones a “diabetes bright spot” or “diabetes police”?
Dr. Shreela Sharma’s advice for eating well, moving more, and making goals stick in the New Year
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the once-weekly injectable Ozempic (semaglutide) for use in type 2 diabetes.
People with type 2 can now get the once-weekly injectable in the US. The latest GLP-1 to show strong A1c-lowering and weight loss, Ozempic will also reach Europe in the...
If you have a Fitbit, check out the diabetes communities in the app for tips and support from fellow people with diabetes
Free through Samsung Health app on Samsung devices for a limited time. Includes videos and quizzes, data logging, and feedback on entries
Learn more about DiabetesMine D-Data highlights, implantable CGM Eversense used in adolescents, and Sugar.IQ real-world data
The S-ICD is an FDA-approved device that can prevent sudden cardiac arrest; this trial is testing it in people with diabetes who’ve had prior heart attacks with...
Toujeo Max SoloStar will launch later this year in the US. It holds 900 units of insulin and can dose up to 160 units in one injection, meaning fewer refills and...
Ketogenic (low-carb + high-fat) diet and remote coaching to “reverse” type 2 diabetes shows 60% of participants had type 2 “reversed," 94% of insulin users reduced or...
Why is the BMI cutoff lower for diabetes screening in people of Asian descent? How a new policy could ensure more people with diabetes and prediabetes are diagnosed.