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Type 2 Diabetes News

Type 2 Diabetes is a chronic condition involving high blood sugar levels and reduced production and responsiveness to insulin.     

At the Lilly Diabetes Bloggers Summit, diaTribe got to hold a prototype of Lilly’s new, disk-like pump, which will integrate with Dexcom G6 CGM in a hybrid-closed loop...
One study seeks 920 adults with type 1 or type 2 diabetes not currently using a CGM; another is recruiting 400 children and teens with diabetes
Will begin to launch in four European countries this year; wireless handheld controller with Bluetooth, 200-unit reservoir
Smart Patients and diaTribe are partnering to offer an easy and supportive platform to talk about diabetes
Less intimidating insertion for pump users: peel tape, remove cover, one button to insert; available in Europe, with more countries coming later this year
After over a year of continued advocacy, Medicare will cover mobile CGM use and sharing (Dexcom G5 for now); Medicare’s policy will be updated by June 21 st , if not...
New dose adjustment recommendations for adults and children using Dexcom's G5 CGM based on trend arrows and insulin sensitivity
What my new vacuum reminded me about changing my own behavior
When the benefits seem “long term,” it’s easy to deprioritize habits today. How to overcome the time perspective challenge – and it costs nothing!
An app uses blood sugar readings and other diabetes information to provide personalized guidance to workouts, along with exercise videos specifically for people with...
An innovative program in Houston empowers members of faith communities to lead diabetes education, peer support, and prevention efforts in their communities
A unique mindset to resist tempting foods, including in peer-pressured group settings
A study testing whether One Drop’s coaching app, along with Fitbit activity trackers, can help people with diabetes and prediabetes meet their goals
A new study is investigating whether higher doses of injectable GLP-1 agonist Trulicity (dulaglutide) are more effective; it is recruiting 1,800 participants with type 2...
Acclaimed author James S. Hirsch on his encounter with a broken healthcare system while trying to obtain FreeStyle Libre for his teenage son
Two new studies will investigate whether SGLT-2 inhibitor Jardiance impacts heart failure in people with and without diabetes. Jardiance is already approved to lower A1C...
Dexcom G6 cleared by FDA with no fingerstick calibrations, 10-day wear time, approval for ages 2 years and older, no acetaminophen interference, and more
Learn what heart failure is, what it has to do with diabetes, and how to identify and talk about this complication that’s often less discussed.
Phase 3 clinical trial currently recruiting 400 adults with type 2 diabetes
Admelog is Sanofi’s version of Humalog (insulin lispro). New prescription savings card is for both Admelog and Lantus for people who would otherwise need to pay full...