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Previewing the Advanced Technologies and Treatments for Diabetes 2022 Conference

Updated: 4/18/22 2:02 pmPublished: 4/18/22
By Matthew Garza

The diaTribe team is excited to cover all the latest news in diabetes technology and treatments, attending our first in-person diabetes conference in over two years! Find out what sessions and presenters we are most excited to see.

diaTribe will soon attend the Advanced Technologies and Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD) 2022 Conference in Barcelona, our first in-person conference in over two years. We are excited to be on the ground, attending sessions presented by leading experts in diabetes and bringing this information directly to you.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the sessions we think you will be most excited to read about.

Technology will be the star of the show

An April 28 session on updates in glucose and ketone monitoring, includes topics such as new continuous glucose monitors, non-invasive sensors, and even continuous ketone monitoring.

In addition, a session on April 29 will discuss the benefits of using diabetes tech during pregnancy – an important topic given how vital diabetes management is during pregnancy in keeping both mother and baby safe and healthy.

Finally, a session on April 30 will explore updates on automated insulin delivery (AID), with a closing presentation from Professor Moshe Phillip that showcases the highlights from the international consensus meeting on AID. 

Time in Range is getting lots of attention

Time in Range (TIR) will be front and center at the ATTD conference. On April 29, there is a session on the use of TIR in type 1 diabetes, including presentations by Drs. Richard Bergenstal, Thomas Danne, Steve Edelman, Tadej Battelino, Eric Renard, and Pratik Choudhary.

In addition, an April 30 session will look at how CGMs may help people with type 2 diabetes better manage their condition and how healthcare professionals can support them. 

The impact of the latest treatments 

Beyond these updates in diabetes technology, there are several exciting presentations on other treatment options and medications. This includes two April 29 sessions – one on new insulin formulations such as ultra fast insulins and once-weekly basal insulins, and another on tirzepatide, a GLP-1/GIP dual receptor agonist that has shown superior weight loss and A1C reductions in clinical trials. The session on tirzepatide features presenters Tadej Battelino and Pratik Choudhary.

diaTribe will present at the conference 

We are perhaps most excited about the many presentations being given by diaTribe team members. On April 27, Matthew Garza, diaTribe’s managing editor, will deliver the presentation, “dStigmatize: Addressing Diabetes Stigma and its Impacts,” on the launch of diaTribe’s stigma resource hub, dStigmatize. The presentation is part of the #dedocº symposium. He will be joined by leaders in the diabetes community, including Renza Scibilia, Emma Klatman, and Dana Lewis. 

On April, 30, diaTribe’s Senior Director of the Time in Range Coalition, Julie Heverly, will introduce a session on The International Consensus to Standardize CGM Usage in Clinical Trials, a meeting that takes place earlier in the week. The consensus meeting, which will gather dozens of leading global diabetes experts, will hopefully bring us one step closer to standardizing the way that CGMs are used in clinical trials and make TIR an established diabetes metric.

Finally, diaTribe’s Advocacy Program Manager, Julia Kenney, is presenting two exciting research posters on behalf of the Time in Range Coalition. The posters dive into the awareness of TIR among people with diabetes and how TIR is used in clinical practice. 

In addition to our regularly scheduled newsletters, we will be coming out with an extra edition mid-week, sharing the most exciting breaking news from the first days of the conference. Full conference coverage will follow, so stay tuned for all the latest updates!

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