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Tired of Doing the Math Required to Constantly Adjust Your Insulin Doses? Try This Platform

Updated: 10/18/21 3:00 pmPublished: 10/18/21
By Devanshi Gupta

DreaMed’s artificial intelligence platform, Advisor Pro, which can deliver insulin dosing recommendations is now FDA approved for people with diabetes on multiple daily injections therapy. Because doing the math and analysis to make manual dosing adjustments can be both time consuming and distracting, this platform can help simplify the process and get people access to quality care, remotely.

The FDA recently approved DreaMed’s Advisor Pro Platform for healthcare providers, for people with type 2 (ages 10 and up) and type 1 diabetes (ages 6 and up) who are on multiple daily injections (MDI) therapy.

The Advisor Pro Platform is an artificial-intelligence, diabetes-care platform that allows your healthcare team to provide insulin-dosing recommendations based on your continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) or blood glucose meter (BGM) data – which they receive through data management software like Tidepool or Glooko. 

For those using an insulin pump, the platform can also provide recommendations on your basal rate, insulin-to-carb ratios, and correction factors. Your healthcare provider then reviews these recommendations and sends them to you via the free Advisor Pro app, the Advisor Pro web platform, email, or your Glooko app.

Because the Advisor Pro platform requires sign-off from your healthcare provider in order to provide dosing recommendations, it’s only available for those whose providers use this technology.

This technology could be especially helpful for people who are on MDI or insulin pump therapy and are not using automated insulin delivery systems (AID). DreaMed’s platform can make it easier for healthcare providers to support those who choose not to use AID, by helping them receive more timely, accurate, and reliable information about their insulin dosing. Additionally, for people with diabetes who don’t have access to an endocrinologist or diabetes care team to make these critical decisions, this platform can serve as a resource for high-quality insulin dosing advice.

Previously, Advisor Pro was approved only for people with type 1 diabetes using CGM or BGM. This FDA approval gives the green light for people with type 2 diabetes to use all three components of the platform: the Advisor Pro Algorithm that uses data to generate insulin-dosing recommendations, the DreaMed diary app that allows people with diabetes using MDI to track and log all aspects of their diabetes management, and the Advisor Pro Bolus calculator that lets users calculate insulin bolus (mealtime) doses for rapid acting insulin.

Several studies have shown that tools like the Advisor Pro platform can provide crucial support for both people with diabetes and healthcare providers. The Advice4U study in 2020 showed that in 122 children and teens who faced challenges in managing their type 1 diabetes, use of the Advisor Pro platform led to similar average glucose levels, Time in Range, and A1C when compared to advice from healthcare providers.

A real-world study presented at the ATTD 2021 conference showed similar results. In 66 people with type 1 diabetes (most of them children or teens), use of the platform led to a significant 0.3 percentage point A1C reduction, an increase of Time in Range of about 1.2 hours each day, and reductions in Time Above Range (hyperglycemia).

Talk to your healthcare team to see if this platform may help simplify the process of making insulin dosing changes and save time for you both!

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