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Transforming Diabetes Care With Time in Range

At this year’s Advanced Technologies and Treatment conference in Barcelona, diaTribe will bring together dozens of experts in diabetes for a revolutionary consensus meeting on Time in Range.

In 2019, diaTribe formed the Time in Range Coalition, whose goal was to ensure that Time in Range (TIR) becomes the primary glucose metric for daily management, complemented by A1C, in diabetes care globally.

To do this, the coalition engaged leaders from across the diabetes space, including industry, foundations, non-profit organizations, research centers, and clinics. The coalition identified three key audiences to focus its efforts: people with diabetes, healthcare professionals, and regulators and policymakers.

The work of the coalition has led to over 100 articles about TIR in diaTribe Learn and diaTribe Change, four comprehensive market research projects with dQ&A, a diabetes marketing research firm, to understand the current perceptions and awareness on the topic, and important meetings with the FDA to discuss the use of TIR in diabetes drug and device development. These achievements, among others, are helping to increase the adoption of TIR among people with diabetes, healthcare providers, and regulatory bodies.

“But as this new metric for diabetes management continues to grow among the diabetes ecosystem, there remains discrepancies in the collection, analysis, and reporting of CGM system data in clinical trials which is a hindrance to establishing Time in Range as a clinically meaningful endpoint,” said Julie Heverly, diaTribe’s senior director of the Time in Range Coalition.

This has led to the need for something big: an international consensus meeting on the use of CGM in clinical trials hosted by the Time in Range Coalition happening on April 26 in Barcelona, Spain, prior to the start of the 2022 Advanced Technologies and Treatment (ATTD) conference.

This consensus meeting will gather over 30 of the leading global experts in diabetes. Dr. Rich Bergenstal, Dr. Tadej Battelino, Dr. Roy Beck, Dr. Chantal Mathieu, Dr. Thomas Danne, and Dr. Lori Laffel are just a few of the people expected to participate..

The goal of this meeting is to standardize the way that continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) are used in clinical trials. “Once a consensus has been reached, the goal is to publish the paper and have the recommendations adopted by academia, institutions and industry as they design future clinical trials involving CGMs and Time in Range metrics,” said Heverly. If used more widely by regulators, people with diabetes and their healthcare providers will have more information about TIR as it relates to diabetes medicines.

“As a person living with diabetes, I’m excited to meet so many brilliant and compassionate leaders who are dedicated to improving the future of diabetes,” she said. “I’m equally excited to play even the smallest part in setting into motion something that can dramatically increase the usage and adoption of CGMs and Time in Range.”

diaTribe will cover the 2022 ATTD conference. We expect it to be jam packed with exciting presentations that range from the latest in automated insulin delivery to CGMs to ways to manage hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia. Read our 2022 ATTD preview here. Included in that coverage will be a presentation on the outcomes of the International Consensus Meeting on the Standardization of CGMs in Clinical Trials. Be sure to keep an eye out for this coverage later this week.