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Type 2

Two Drugs in One: Synjardy Launches in the US, Combining Jardiance and Metformin

Twitter summary: Synjardy combines Jardiance with metformin into a single pill – available now in pharmacies

Lilly/BI recently announced that Synjardy is now available in US pharmacies, after receiving FDA approval in August. Synjardy combines the SGLT-2 inhibitor Jardiance with metformin into a single pill taken twice daily. The major benefits of Synjardy include convenience (fewer prescriptions to fill and fewer types of pills to take), affordability (only a single co-pay), and a low rate of side effects including a runny nose and sore throat, headache, and nausea, among others.

At the EASD conference this past September, groundbreaking data revealed that Jardiance alone led to a 38% reduction in cardiovascular death in people with type 2 diabetes at high risk for heart disease. While Synjardy’s label does not officially include this data yet, the potential heart benefits could make it an attractive option for those at high risk of heart disease.

The companies are offering a savings card program that allows many people with private insurance to receive the drug for free for 12 months or more. For those without insurance, the retail price at our local Walgreens is pretty steep: $412 for a monthly supply (60 tablets) of the lowest dose (5 mg empagliflozin/500 mg metformin). 

To learn more about Synjardy, please see its website here and read our full coverage of its FDA approval here. Other SGLT-2/metformin options include InvokametXigduo, and the once-daily Xigduo XR. - AJW