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Type 1

BlueStar App Now Integrates with CGM and Approved for Type 1 Diabetes

By Divya Gopisetty and Albert Cai

FDA approves WellDoc’s BlueStar app (24/7 diabetes management coaching and support) for use in type 1 diabetes. BlueStar insights also now incorporate data from Dexcom CGM

WellDoc’s BlueStar app (available on both Apple iOS and Android) is marketed as a “digital assistant for people with diabetes.” Now, the app has received FDA-approval for both use in type 1 diabetes as well as integration with Dexcom continuous glucose monitors (CGM).  This will be offered in the same model as the type 2 diabetes version of the app.

BlueStar provides users with insights about how their food choices, medications, and activity affect their glucose patterns (see below for photos of the app). These insights are based on data from the Dexcom CGM, which is the only CGM that currently integrates with BlueStar. All of the data can also be made available to healthcare professionals so that they can review and adjust medication plans if necessary. The idea is to provide actionable advice for users to improve their time-in-range.

The FDA also approved a new insulin-on-board feature that will enhance its insulin dosing support. BlueStar calculates insulin doses based on glucose, carbohydrate intake, and insulin regimen. If there is insulin-on-board, the recommended dose is decreased to reduce risk of hypoglycemia.

With the new clearance, people with type 1 diabetes will have access to the 25,000+ automated and personalized coaching messages, educational content, motivational support, and ability to chat with one’s care team.

Welldoc’s website notes that a person with diabetes spends on average 8,760 hours per year self-managing their condition, and just 28 minutes with their provider. To help improve diabetes management, BlueStar is just one of a growing list of digital health apps that provide 24/7 coaching and support. 

BlueStar is covered through certain payers and employers – contact WellDoc here to see if you might be eligible.