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Medtronic Launches Seven-Day Extended Infusion Set

The Extended infusion set doubles the amount of wear time from previous models and allows for changing the reservoir mid-way through use. Additionally, the new design contributes to less insulin loss and greater flow and stability.

Medtronic has released a new Extended infusion set that can be worn for up to 7 days using an Extended reservoir. An infusion set is a small device used with an insulin pump to deliver insulin to people with diabetes. The set includes a tiny needle inserted under the skin and a tube connecting the needle to an insulin pump. The Extended infusion set is now available exclusively for people with diabetes using MiniMed 600 and 700 series pumps

Benefits of the Extended infusion set

Currently, people with diabetes have to change their infusion sets, a potentially lengthy and painful process, every 2 to 3 days. Changing the set this often can be expensive as it requires frequent purchasing of new infusion sets. Another problem with traditional infusion sets is the risk of infection. When you change your infusion set, there is a small chance that you will get an infection from the needle. This can be especially concerning if you have a weaker immune system or had prior problems with infections. 

Since the Extended infusion set can be worn for 7 days, you will not have to change it as often, saving time and money as well as reducing the risk for infections. You may be able to save up to 25% on annual insulin costs due to a reduced amount of unrecoverable insulin from infusion set changes. Additionally, a study found that extended-wear infusion sets could reduce plastic waste by up to 50%. Medtronic emphasizes this product will be particularly helpful for those with dexterity issues or needle anxiety.

Moreover, people with diabetes often have to plan their activities and routines around changing their infusion sets – both remembering when to change the set and making sure they have a new one on hand. This can be difficult and may cause stress and anxiety. “For many people, this means … turning around as you are headed out the door when you suddenly remember to change your infusion set or adding a few minutes to a tired child's bedtime routine with an infusion set change,” said Dr. Robert Vigersky, chief medical officer of Medtronic Diabetes, in a recent press release. "With the Medtronic Extended infusion set, these life interruptions are reduced with an innovation that doubles the wear."

The Extended infusion set includes a new skin-friendly adhesive patch, connector, and tubing. In a clinical trial evaluating extended-wear infusion sets, study participants noted that the Extended infusion set was more comfortable to wear than their previous infusion sets. They also commented that they were happy with the 7-day wear time as it helped reduce the overall burden of insulin pump therapy.

How to get started with the Extended infusion set

You can order the Extended infusion set if you currently use Medtronic’s MiniMed 770G, 670G, or 630G insulin pumps. You will need to speak with your healthcare provider and obtain a new prescription.

Alternatively, you can contact Medtronic directly, and they can request a prescription from your healthcare provider on your behalf. The cost of the Extended infusion set will vary depending on your insurance coverage.

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