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The Goals Ahead: Sitting Down with ADA President Richard Bergenstal, MD

diaTribe catches up with Dr. Richard Bergenstal, president of the American Diabetes Association.

The Power of Fixed-Dose Combinations – What SGLT-2 and DPP-4 Inhibitors Can Do in a Single Pill

When one is better than two – how combining two effective diabetes drugs into a single pill can improve management.

Merck Launches New Type 2 Drug as First in Novel Class of Treatments

A DPP-What? A closer look at a new kind of drug, Januvia.

Byetta Craze Is First Salvo in Promising New Line of Drugs

A closer look at incretins and Byetta.

Januvia + Metformin = Janumet

Dr. Zach Bloomgarden

Dialogue with Dr. Zach Bloomgarden