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The Role of Exercise in Improving Gestational Diabetes Outcomes

Gestational diabetes affects as many as 1 in 10 pregnancies in the US and can have negative consequences for both the parent and the baby. Proper exercise may help you prevent or manage your gestational diabetes.

Diabetes and Birth Control

For people with diabetes, using a reliable and safe method of birth control is essential in avoiding an unplanned, and potentially dangerous, pregnancy. By understanding the different forms of contraceptives and working with a healthcare team, you can find the right birth control for you.

Managing Diabetes After a Pregnancy

Managing your diabetes after a pregnancy, while caring for a newborn, comes with unique challenges. However, planning ahead with a care team and relying on your support system can help you have a healthy, happy postpartum experience. 

Peloton’s Robin Arzon – “Be Ready for Your Finish Line”

Robin Arzon – Peloton’s VP of fitness programming, ultramarathoner, best-selling author, mother, and person living with type 1 diabetes – is working to empower others by “normalizing the everyday superhero.” We spoke with her about her diabetes journey and the tools she uses to manage her health as a fitness professional.

Managing Your Glucose and Using a Continuous Glucose Monitor During Pregnancy

Keeping glucose levels in a tight range is more important than ever during pregnancy. Dr. Sarit Polsky discusses glucose management and target glucose levels, as well as the benefits of using continuous glucose monitors (CGM), for pregnant women with diabetes.