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New Skin Moisturizing Line for People with Diabetes by CeraVe

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Foot and hand cream, moisturizing cream, and cleansing wash now available at Walgreens, Target, and Amazon.com.

Big drugstore brand CeraVe has launched a new line of skin care products designed to help people with diabetes maintain healthy skin. The line includes a general moisturizing cream, foot and hand cream, and a body wash. Particularly as people with diabetes are more likely to have dry skin, which can lead to minor injuries that could get infected, keeping skin moisturized is one of the easiest ways to prevent skin problems. The CeraVe diabetes line is relatively affordable, with comparable prices to other CeraVe moisturizing and cleansing products as well as other drugstore brands like Cetaphil and Neutrogena. The products are available in the United States at Target, Walgreens, and on Amazon.

In particular, taking care of your feet can be helpful in preventing more painful and dangerous problems such as ulcers. Particularly for people who have neuropathy, or nerve damage,  it’s important to take preventive measures like keeping skin from drying out and cracking. For this reason, the CeraVe diabetes care line has a special hand and foot cream that is much thicker and moisturizing than the general body cream. Click here for more tips on how to take care of your feet.

CeraVe products usually have three essential ceramides (ceramides 1, 3, 6-II), which are a natural substance that help form the skin’s barrier and help the skin hold on to moisture. For their diabetes line, they’ve also added urea and bilberry, which has anti-inflammatory effects and can help reduce skin bruising.

Here is more detailed pricing information:

 Body lotion (8 oz.)Hand & foot cream (3 oz.)Body wash (10 oz.)

diaTribe’s Mini-Test Drive:

One of our diaTribe team members tested the products (full disclosure, we received the products for free). In summary:

  • She liked that the products have no scent (scented products are often more irritating for those with sensitive skin)
  • Of the three products, the moisturizing body lotion was her favorite as she felt the lotion kept her skin moisturized longer than other products, and she liked it especially for irritated areas around her injection sites
  • She noted that the hand and foot cream, while very effective, took some time to massage into her skin

That said, we have not compared this product to other diabetes-oriented creams and lotions that sell at comparable prices at stores like Walgreens, CVS, and Target. Other popular brands that have diabetes lines include Aveeno, Eucerin, Gold Bond, O’Keeffe’s, and more. While creams and lotions targeted towards people with diabetes are certainly not new, it’s great to see more options for people at drugstores.