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Medtronic’s New Access Program Provides Discounted CGM to Those Without Coverage

Updated: 8/13/21 11:00 pmPublished: 12/7/20
By Jeemin Kwon

By Karena Yan and Hanna Gutow

The CGM Discount Access program provides discounted rates on the Guardian Sensor 3 continuous glucose monitoring system for people without insurance coverage for Medtronic CGMs.

Medtronic recently launched its CGM Discount Access program which provides the Guardian Sensor 3 continuous glucose monitor (CGM) at a discounted price to people who meet the eligibility criteria. Specifically, the program provides a Guardian Link 3 transmitter with a 12-month warranty for $180 and a monthly supply of five Guardian Sensor 3 sensors for $60 per month.

To be eligible for the program, people must:

  • Use multiple daily injections of insulin (also known as MDI) or be on insulin pump therapy

  • Have a valid CGM prescription from a healthcare professional

  • Not have insurance coverage for a Medtronic CGM

People on Medicare are also eligible for the CGM Discount Access program, as Medicare does not currently cover Medtronic’s CGM system. It should be noted however, that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently proposed new rules that would allow for reimbursement of Medtronic’s Guardian CGM. If approved, the changes would go into effect on April 1, 2021. 

The CGM Discount Access program comes after Medtronic’s COVID-19 Assurance Program, which allows existing Medtronic customers who lost their job and their health insurance after March 15, 2020 to receive up to three months of Medtronic pump supplies. Dexcom and Insulet have similarly launched new patient assistance programs in response to COVID-19. The Dexcom program provides two 90-day supply shipments of Dexcom CGM system supplies for $45 each. The Insulet program allows eligible customers to receive up to six-months of insulin pods free of charge.

These programs have become increasingly important, especially since people with diabetes face more severe financial hardship during the pandemic. Read more about how COVID-19 has affected the diabetes community here.

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