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Medtronic Updates CareLink Personal with Seven New Reports from CareLink Pro

Updated: 8/14/21 5:00 amPublished: 5/9/16

Providers and patients will now see the same data - stay tuned for IBM Watson! 

Medtronic recently updated the US version of CareLink Personal, its web-based data management system for reviewing insulin pump and CGM data. With seven new reports added to the platform, users now have access to the same information and insights that clinicians see in CareLink Pro.

Ever since CareLink Pro launched in 2010, providers have received deeper insights through CareLink than their patients. This update responds to feedback and is a very welcome change, giving people with diabetes better analysis tools to make sense of often overwhelming pump and CGM data. Hopefully, the update will also improve patient conversations with their healthcare providers.

Even more exciting are Medtronic’s plans to launch a Personal Diabetes Assistant app with IBM Watson – this is expected later this summer or early fall and will arm patients with more on-the-go insight about their diabetes. For example, giving you insights about the impact a certain meal might have on your diabetes, or recognizing trends and patterns in your behavior that can result in hypo or hyperglycemia. In time, Medtronic hopes the app could predict hypoglycemia or give personalize answers to diabetes related question – “Watson, how much insulin should I take for this meal?” – though that feature would require additional regulatory approval.

How to Access the New Reports in CareLink Personal

Medtronic pump and CGM users can log on to to access the seven new reports. After signing into CareLink, go to the “Reports” tab, where Medtronic has added a new list of bundles that group specific reports together. These are intended to help answer questions like:

  • How can I view my progress and trends?
  • How does mealtime affect my glucose levels?
  • What causes my highs and lows throughout the day?

Here are the Seven New CareLink Reports:

  1. Therapy Management Dashboard
    An overall picture of how you’re doing. Includes statistics, device data, and blood glucose or sensor glucose trends all in one place.

  2. Sensor and Meter Overview
    Monitor what happened to your sensor glucose and blood glucose at key times of the day such as before or after waking up, or eating a meal.

  3. Adherence
    Highlights important reminders like how often you should be changing your infusion set or checking your blood glucose.

  4. Episode Summary
    Helps you better understand your highs and lows, which can be a great starting point to help create a list of things to ask your doctor about.

  5. Logbook
    Overview of details like your carbohydrate and insulin intake.

  6. Device Settings
    Save your settings before you make changes and keep track of your current settings so you’ll always have a back-up if you need it.

  7. Daily Detail
    A daily breakdown covering everything from bolus types, carb ratio settings and blood glucose targets.

[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Medtronic, Inc.]

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