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Need Help Affordably Accessing Your Medication? Check out

Updated: 8/14/21 1:00 amPublished: 10/28/19
By Jimmy McDermott

By Jimmy McDermott

The Medicine Assistance Tool is a search engine to help find patient assistance resources for your medications

The Medicine Assistance Tool (MAT), found at, is a new online tool that can help people discover resources to help them afford their medications. MAT has information on more than 900 programs, including patient assistance programs and co-pay savings cards that cover many insulins and diabetes drugs including SGLT-2 inhibitors and GLP-1 agonists.

Based on your personal information and your prescribed medications, MAT will suggest programs that may help you pay for your medications – MAT links directly to drug manufacturers’ websites to sign up for these resources (see examples below). These results will vary based on your personal information. MAT also provides links to third-party (non-manufacturer) savings cards that may provide additional support.

Example of a suggested saving card for Toujeo:Example of the suggested patient assistance program for Ozempic:Example of the suggested patient assistance program for Farxiga:

To find resources for your prescriptions:

1. Visit and select whether you are a patient, care partner, or healthcare professional.

2. Enter the medications that you need help accessing. MAT includes medications that may be prescribed for many different conditions, including diabetes.

3. Enter your personal information or that of the individual prescribed the medication (age, location, income, insurance coverage, and household size).

To learn more about accessing diabetes medications, visit

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