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Time in Range

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In April 2022, 32 of the world’s premier diabetes experts gathered in Barcelona, along with representatives from industry, advocacy, and regulatory bodies, to discuss the use of continuous glucose monitors in clinical trials. The lively discussion is expected to have a great impact on propelling the use of Time in Range globally. Continue Reading »

Clinical trial results published by Lilly show that Tirzepatide could potentially be one of the most effective drugs ever developed for weight loss. Experts discuss these results and more at the ATTD 2022 conference in Barcelona, Spain. Continue Reading »

​For the first time, Time in Range was used as the main outcome measured in a clinical trial for a diabetes medication. Read about the study results and implications. Continue Reading »

Find out more from experts about the latest advancements in continuous glucose monitoring, ketone monitors, and non-invasive technologies. Continue Reading »

The diaTribe team was on-the-ground in Barcelona, Spain to cover the latest news in diabetes technology from the ATTD 2022 international conference. Here are our top highlights. Continue Reading »

At this year’s Advanced Technologies and Treatment conference in Barcelona, diaTribe will bring together dozens of experts in diabetes for a revolutionary consensus meeting on Time in Range. Continue Reading »

The diaTribe team is excited to cover all the latest news in diabetes technology and treatments, attending our first in-person diabetes conference in over two years! Find out what sessions and presenters we are most excited to see. Continue Reading »

Patient with Professional CGM

CGMs provide information that you can use to improve your blood glucose. If you don't currently use a CGM, your healthcare team can offer you a “professional” CGM to use for a week or two so that you can see how to increase your Time in Range. Read more about what a professional CGM is and if it could be right for you. Continue Reading »